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Fri Sep 13 18:26:49 UTC 2019

[DEEP 2019, Designing Enabling Economies and Policies]

DEEP 2019: The state of inclusion around the world

Attention all those interested in contributing to a more accessible and more inclusive future:

Please join us on October 18 in Downtown Toronto for DEEP 2019, the IDRC’s accessible, inclusive, collaborative, disruptive, annual community event. Be a part of the change you want to see!

This year at DEEP, we invite participants to take part in a one-day intensive and hands on workshop that will kick-off a series of activities throughout the coming year. These activities will include on-going engagement through design challenges, co-design labs, continuous compelling and provocative discussions and live webinars so that the work we do at DEEP 2019 will continue to evolve and create the future.

This year’s format will be a little different and will include work on focussed topics by subject matter experts and leaders working closely with participants to develop different approaches targeted towards solutions and engagement that support or examine the following projects:

Social Justice Repair Kit (SJRK):<https://www.sojustrepairit.org/>
A project that supports youth at risk who have learning differences to re-engage in education
Coding to Learn and Create:<https://www.codelearncreate.org/>
A creative, collaborative and accessible coding project about designing educational coding tools for kids who have been left out of learning—especially those with complex needs.
Toronto Sidewalk:<https://www.sidewalktoronto.ca/>
A look at a bottom-up evaluation of the Master Innovation and Development plan and discussion on how the collected data will be captured, warehoused, utilized and protected for citizens is top of mind for many. Does this economic vision go far enough or perhaps too far? What is the true impact and how is success measured?
We Count:<https://wecount.inclusivedesign.ca/>
The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and the marginalized; data collection and analytics how do we avoid another form of exploitative capitalism and protect the marginalized while still allowing for openness about differences in employment, social and economic engagement.

Registration<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-NdeYdat42JEfYbfDrCIWEoJT_RGSxBYuptXBY6ey2Dbk8Q/viewform> is required and is FREE to everyone!
DEEP is an accessible event. Captions will be provided and ASL will be provided if requested in advance. Please let us know when you register how we can make it easier for you to participate.

Keep checking the agenda at https://deep.idrc.ocadu.ca/agenda-2019/
Jess Mitchell
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Senior Manager, R&D + Design
OCAD University, Toronto
Inclusive Design Research Centre
jmitchell at ocadu.ca<mailto:jmitchell at ocadu.ca>
skype: jesshmitchell

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