[community] Fwd: ***Your Input Requested by February 3rd: City of Toronto’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Update

Fran Quintero Rawlings rawlings.fran at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 00:45:12 UTC 2023

Hope you are doing well. Happy New Year!

Method Collective is working with CP Planning to help the Poverty Reduction
Office at the City of Toronto, with their next action plan.

Please share with any community workers and researchers that work in these
spaces. See more info below.


Method Collective

*From:* Cheryll Case
*Sent:* Saturday, January 21, 2023 10:17:29 AM
*Subject:* Your Input Requested by February 3rd: the City of Toronto’s
Poverty Reduction Strategy Update


I hope you are well.

*CP Planning is conducting community consultations on behalf of the City of
Toronto’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Office to garner feedback and input
from those working directly on the front lines to reduce poverty in the
city. *

Every four years, the Poverty Reduction Strategy is updated to best reflect
the needs and priorities of Toronto residents, as well as those who work
directly on the front lines to reduce poverty within our City. This year
(2023), is the third update – and CP Planning has been retained to connect
with and collect feedback from communities on the front lines.

As such, we are requesting your team’s input, as a leader in poverty
reduction in Toronto. Your impactful work, as well as those with whom you
work, allow for a direct line of communication with the communities whose
voices need most to be heard in this update.

*Click here <https://getfoureyes.com/s/9xC6C/> to open the survey *designed
to reach the front line workers within your organization. We would be
grateful as well if you could share it with your networks.

*The survey includes a section related to a paid consultation workshop, to
which we would love if your staff or teams would apply.*

* A few important notes:*

   - The application to participate in the paid consultation workshops is
   at the end of the survey
   - The survey participant will then be emailed with a selection of dates
   to choose from within the next two months
   - The workshops are two hours in length and are conducted online so as
   to facilitate ease and integration into their already busy schedules
   - Participants will be asked to provide their feedback and input to help
   the Poverty Reduction Strategy Office in their work to best reflect the
   needs and priorities of communities via those who work the most closely
   with them
   - Honorariums will be provided to workshop participants for their time

*Please note:* Although you or your staff may not be able to participate in
the workshops, *we ask that they still complete the survey above. Your
input is extremely important and valuable in shaping the future of poverty
reduction in the city of Toronto.*

In the survey, you will be asked about a two-way communications tool, which
will ask for your email address (optional). The goal of the two-way
communications tool is to continue to connect directly with community
workers and community members on an ongoing basis to encourage ongoing
feedback and input to inform the Poverty Reduction Strategy’s updates into
the future, and create opportunities for frontline workers to influence
outcomes in our City’s future.

If you have questions, please respond to this email. We are grateful for
your time and consideration of this important update.


Cheryll Case

The CP Planning team, on behalf of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Office,
City of Toronto

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