[community] Looking for a new computer/tech funding

arc23 arcohoon at gmail.com
Fri May 13 22:54:35 UTC 2022

 I wondered whether anybody knows of any accessibility centers for
technology in the Toronto area that help people with mobility impairments
fund new computer software. I am still saving up myself to buy a new
computer, with some of my living costs and the prospect even with me
working. The rules around ODSP don't make it easy to keep a lot of the
extra money I make working to put towards buying a new computer. Also, with
Windows 11 needing a new computer and with me, although using more voice
technology, I want a laptop that can easily handle Dragon. That's why I'm
starting to put feelers out. Thank you.
Adam Roy Cohoon [name]
ARTIST/ACCESS advocate / Tech Tester
 cell. 416-710-0817 [text / voice]
skype: arcohoon
arcohoon at gmail.com

this may have been composed with experimental speech and word prediction
software, please, feel free to contact me for clarification if unclear or
always glad to talk via voice

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