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Hi Taghreed. It depends a little bit on what your project is. There are a
few different kinds of braille, such as grade 1, grade 2, Unified English
Braille, special ways to encode math or music, and different codes for
different languages.
If the text you want to encode is short and simple, and you want it to be
read by the widest possible range of people, you could do it in grade 1
braille. But for longer texts, or when there isn't much space for the
braille, grade 2 is more condensed.
Any software should be able to turn a few words into grade 1 braille
correctly, though of course it's always best to test with users.
If you're also going to produce the braille in physical form, like a sign or
a printout, that's a different set of problems.
So it might help to give more information about your project.

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Hello All,

What is your recommendation for braille translation? Also, what is the best
way to ensure the accuracy of the online translation?


*Taghreed Alz.*
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