[community] Community Design Crit ( Jan 18, 2022 ) - Dobble Debate

Justin Obara jobara at ocadu.ca
Mon Jan 17 14:25:29 UTC 2022

There will be a Community Design Crit on Jan 18, 2022, 2pm to 3pm ET.

Topic: Dobble Debate


Dobble Debate: debating with a difference, is a game that facilitates discussions and learning about human difference. The game employs the powers of play and humor to catalyze open discussion and compassionate thinking around topics that are often considered taboo. Players are challenged to rethink assumptions they may have around what it means to be disabled or have lived different experiences from their own.

Dobble Debate recognizes that every individual’s lived experience is different, and changes significantly based on their current environment. Therefore, we explicitly acknowledge D/deafness, disability, differing abilities , autism, and neurodiversity plus (DDDAND+). This acronym does not cover all the diverse identities usually lumped under ‘disability’; we are using it to draw attention to the variety of human experience. The label of ‘disability’ runs the risk of minimizing the diversity of lived differences.


  *   Dobble Debate<https://www.dobbledebate.com/>

Facilitator: Lynne Heller

Meeting Details:

Date: Jan 18, 2022
Time: 2pm to 3pm ET
Virtual Meeting : zoom<https://ocadu.zoom.us/j/727986784?pwd=dFp2a1dybkEyUHFSa0NyOU4wVk94Zz09>

Other Information:

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