[community] Community Meeting ( Dec 13 ): Eudaemonic Design as a Co-created Approach to Health and Well-being: An Exemplar Case with Older Adults at Home

Justin Obara jobara at ocadu.ca
Fri Dec 9 12:38:08 UTC 2022

At next week’s Community Meeting<https://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Community+workshops+and+design+crits> ( Dec 13, 2023 ), Jenna Mikes will be talking about Eudaemonic Design as a Co-created Approach to Health and Well-being: An Exemplar Case with Older Adults at Home.


Home is central to who we are as humans. It shapes us. At a time when COVID-19-related physical distancing has prompted a global live/work/play from home pervasiveness, there is a growing demand to conceptualize how homes can encourage flourishing health and well-being. Developing this understanding is especially necessary when contemplating the impact on vulnerable demographics, such as the rapidly growing older adult population who desire to age-in-place but do not necessarily have the infrastructure and support needed to do so. Based on co-designed futuring activities conducted with older adults and designers, this research focuses on understanding what a flourishing home could look and feel like when building on the neo-Aristotelian concept of eudaemonia (literally defined as eu (good or health) + daimon (true self)), which correlates to people being the best versions of themselves. Eudaemonic well-being has evolved in the field of psychology as a means of proactively designing for flourishing health and well-being via Self Determination Theory, but it has yet to be explored in a built environment context. By considering eudaemonia as a worldview, this research examines how home-based design can prompt optimal health and well-being—not only by applying the resulting Eudaemonic Design model and principles to the home environment but also by following a respectful design approach to precipitate virtually-engaged participants to feel empowered, experience agency, and act as their best eudaemonic selves.

2:00 - 3:00pm ET

Remotely: Zoom<https://ocadu.zoom.us/j/727986784?pwd=dFp2a1dybkEyUHFSa0NyOU4wVk94Zz09>

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