[community] Upcoming November 18 half-day online course: eAccessibility with David Berman

Khadija Mogri khadija at davidberman.com
Thu Oct 28 12:52:34 UTC 2021


There’s an online course our team is putting on soon, live online from our
studio in Ottawa. It’s a half-day course on eAccessibility and why it’s
important to design for the extremes. If you are interested, here’s more
info about the event:

Thursday, November 18, 2021 | 12:30  – 16:30 ET (North American Eastern

Accessibility with David Berman: Office, InDesign, PDF, Web for the new
legislation (including WCAG 2.1)

It’s easy steps to include your entire audience, improve SEO, comply
without trade-offs, and do the right thing!

Details/registration: www.wcag2.com/next <https://u5854113.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=-2FImALzjbCvSYG4-2FDL00b90U8zSjYtehZVVs3UpkTa8H7BBNPiwVy5fsFdaj1hLldfJxe_FQC2LT8GxayrM161hhHVAhF2Xv9B-2FTTVleCzSRHYYk29Cf-2Be-2FRFYJ70KRDm41xKzrwmnlVZIEN3p3l551eMMUVsVY2YQ9l6AJrm41h2VPpMbMeOI5Ve97NLxcDiK2OGZLJAEUt-2BmCJkaXmHB7ks6Z2404E9gB1FPY5BBiDouTuqSYvHXwTPPcu-2FF-2B-2Fb-2BtAqAEOAedU-2BKtheSU-2BmT4t3RFyXCvDwIcodQbQlxDtyrgOM-3D>

If any of you have any questions or wishes, please contact
info at davidberman.com !


*Khadija Mogri*
Communication Designer  |  David Berman Communications


www.davidberman.com | khadija at davidberman.com

340 Selby Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2A 3X6 Canada

Office: +1-613-728-6777

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