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 Hello everyone,
I hope you are all well and staying safe. During my venture in making a
Farsi Screenreader, I was lucky to get introduced to an amazing designer
Jose (CC'd). I find his talent and experience very useful and his passion
for inclusion admirable.  I want to welcome and introduce Jose to our
community, as one of his main works is related to IDRC's past/current work
and our inclusive community's everyday advocacy for "making coding
available to all" and to advocate for the "women in tech" initiative. I am
sure there will be a lot of collaboration opportunities to take advantage
of Jose's experience.
In short:

*Jose is a research professor of interaction design and an advocate of
creative coding. He is a former director and founder of the Hypermedia
laboratory (Hitec Lab) at the Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores
(2013-2020). He is a Visual Designer and has a Ph.D. in Design and Creation
from the Universidad de Caldas. He is a promoter of the use and development
of free software for environments like art, design and entertainment. His
research work focuses on exploring strategies to promote Hacker and Maker
cultures in the university academic context, providing the creative
opportunity to learn to program. From the Hipermedia laboratory, he is one
of the mentors of the initiative called: “Women in technology”, which seeks
to bring the female audience closer to the Hacker and Maker cultures and
contribute to demystifying technologies. *
I have also attached a low-resolution PDF version (due to size restrictions
for our mailing list) of his portfolio for your reference. An
accessible-text-only version is also available and Jose can provide more
information if needed.
Jose, is moving to Canada as soon as the Covid is more manageable, so
please feel free to connect directly and let me know if I can be of any
Thank you


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