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Date: Wed, Jul 7, 2021 at 9:40 AM
Subject: Re: [community] AODA standard for Social Assistance?
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I am using both windows 10 and the latest version of Android and then both
those cases if there is a way to fill a PDF without paying for the premium
the user interface way finding does not make it easy so I don't know if
there is a way I didn't fill out the form without signing up for a monthly
membership because I used up my free trial a few years ago

I bet it's a government security thing but the fact is it's going to nickel
and dine as low income users they say you can get a word document but I
think you have to talk to somebody first and if you can't get a hold of
anybody then you're still stuck

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On Wed., Jul. 7, 2021, 7:47 a.m. Brian Moore, <bmoore at screenreview.org>

> really! Are you using a mac?  Adobe reader the free version should be able
> to fill out pdf forms although most of them really suck for accessibility?
> I am not sure the mac version does though.
> Yeah, I have heard that calling them is a shit show and you can never get
> a hold of anyone. Clearly that hasn't changed since I was on it. you could
> leave voice mails and never get a call back!
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> On 2021-07-06 5:28 p.m., arc23 wrote:
> They have definitely made in roads in making ODSP more digital accessible
> for users during the pandemic with my benefits website my only concern as
> an ODSP recipient is the digital forms are all in PDFs that need the
> premium version of acrobat to fill electronically I cannot use my wordq to
> fill out the digital PDF forms. Can I claim Adobe Acrobat as an ODSP
> expense that's the only way I can pay over $10 a month to be able to
> properly fill out ODSP forms online
> And also doesn't seem like they want clients to get a hold of them easily
> because I constantly had workers that just disappeared and when I call in
> they tell me all your worker quit months ago and they do nothing to
> actually let you know that on their voicemail you just get a voicemail box
> that's full of messages
> They should definitely look into inclusive design principles and better
> customer service principals for for us clients do actually use the service
> and do it more efficiently
> But usually when I do send them a document through the my benefits website
> I usually do get a response in about a week but it's getting to talk to an
> actual person on the phone that is still a problem
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> On Mon., Jul. 5, 2021, 5:12 p.m. Brian Moore, <bmoore at screenreview.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi.  If nothing else, I think all those programs communications with
>> consumers are still in print.  I think even the monthly reporting forms
>> are still print. I heard some talk of online forms for reporting monthly
>> income and there was some talk of developing this when I was doing
>> contract work at MGCS but not sure if anything ever came of that.  I
>> know they have an online application package now but can't comment on
>> its accessibility as I haven't tried although I did hear some people had
>> trouble.
>> Would be interested what anyone knows about this.
>> Brian.
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>> On 2021-07-05 4:11 p.m., John W (personal) wrote:
>> > Hello Inclusive Design Community (aka My External Brain)
>> >
>> > I think a number of  folks here -- including Pina and Jutta and David L
>> but
>> > maybe others? -- have deep expertise in AODA Standards development.
>> >
>> > Question: Has there ever been a discussion with the Provincial gov
>> (either
>> > the current Ministry or the former ADO) about developing a Standard for
>> > social assistance? Since OW an dODSP are heavily targeted at persons
>> with
>> > disabilities, some of us are interested if this idea has ever surfaced
>> and
>> > if so, what was the upshot?
>> >
>> > If it has NOT come up, does anyone here want to make a case for or
>> against
>> > having an AODA Standard for social assistance? Since services under OW
>> and
>> > ODSP are by eligibility only (not universal per se) this would
>> presumably
>> > be a narrower Standard than others, but at the same time it is
>> interesting
>> > to consider how a third-party standards-development process might serve
>> the
>> > people who need social assistance in terms of accessibility.
>> >
>> > thanks, all thoughts welcome
>> > j
>> >
>> >
>> >
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