[community] Vision loss related topics, media, speaker ideas?

Foster, Julia Julia.Foster at kingstonhsc.ca
Fri Jan 15 01:44:27 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is overall managing amidst wherever things are for you with the pandemic.

I'm part of a Canadian network of occupational therapists and students who work or are interested in low vision/vision loss rehabilitation. There's a monthly Tuesday evening (7pm Eastern Time) meet-up for the network where we have guest speakers, listen to or watch a video/podcast, discuss or give feedback on someone's resource, discuss a topic of interest, etc. There have been a few formal presentations, but the rest of the time it's pretty informal and low key.

Our student coordinators are putting together this year's line-up. I thought I'd see if anyone on this network might be interested in sharing something they are working on, practicing a presentation, sharing a cool (but not too lengthy) piece of media, or some other idea on a relevant topic. Disclaimers: 1) the audience isn't huge -- usually around 8-15 people; 2) the network is all volunteers, so we don't have funding resources for paying guest speakers, 3) we probably couldn't shop talk clinically on specific cases, but if you're looking for it, we're happy to reflect or give feedback on projects, services, initiatives, presentations, etc., (which we like because then it's mutually beneficial!).

Anyway, if you or someone you know is interested or you have ideas, please shoot an email off the Courtney and Nicole who are copied on this email.


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