[community] Designing services for inter-sectionality

John W (personal) pickupwillis at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 12:21:38 UTC 2021

Hello inclusive community,

My team and I are looking for resources to integrate intersectionality into
service design.  We work on public service delivery to marginalized
individuals, and looking for ways to bring an anti-racism lens into our
inclusive design work.

> Do you recommend any specific tools or methods for designing services
using an intersectional lens?  It's not difficult to locate general
material but we'd like to build our tool library for use across the Ontario
Public Service.

We are especially interested in any work that would enable us to embed
equity and intersectionality in business processes - e.g. are you aware of
any work related to ongoing business processes in service systems,
recommended customer feedback techniques , the use of LEAN or other
continuous improvement methods, or.

Also if you are aware of any key indicators or other evaluation frameworks
for equity in social service delivery, that would be very much appreciated.


*John D. Willis | CE CAIP MDes*
Design & Innovation in Public Services
Toronto CANADA

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