[community] Entities that provides compliance to UD in premises

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There is compliance and then there is adherence and conformance. Be sure you
understand the difference if you go down that road.


While organizations are eager to display accessibility certifications   to
ensure they have done their job on accessibility, there is more value to
perhaps identifying how they are accessible  using specific badges that
cover specific  element or components of accessibility.

For instance, they are an inclusive service provider, their websites conform
to the WCAG or EN 301 standards and have been tested by pwds, their
buildings meet CSA accessibility standards  or  best practices.

Businesses also need to understand that while they receive any badges or
certification, it does not protect them from any complaints or suits.

It is a layer of conformance, advising their customers that they may care,
but it does not protect them.




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Hi Pina,


Thanks for your helpful reply. I totally agree with you but some entities
and businesses value having a certification of compliance for many
considerations. Its a tool to utilise and promote accessibility and influnce
other businesses. It is possible to have tiers and categories for
compliance, there shouldn't be a (100% accessible) certificate.



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That is a good question. I know the Rick Hansen  Foundation has a
"certification" program and the Gates  program is now  part  of the G3 ICT -
IAAP program.
I also know of companies that do validate and assess but I don't believe
others who do this kind of work do certify full compliance as this in my
opinion is impossible to do. There are guidelines  and standards to follow
even for built, but achieving full accessibility still has a subjective
component that is difficult to grade.
Hope you find this helpful.

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Subject: [community] Entities that provides compliance to UD in premises

I hope everyone is doing great. I am wondering if anyone is familiar with
entities that certify compliance of buildings to universal design standards.
If I remember GAATES used to provide such certification  but not anymore.

Any suggestions?


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