[community] Is COVID Alert an Inclusive Design Fail?

Roland Van Oostveen ROLAND.VANOOSTVEEN at uoit.ca
Tue Aug 4 21:21:11 UTC 2020

When I heard this report I immediately thought that the failure to install on older platforms might be due to the use of BlueTooth technology (for security purposes) that allows the app to work in the first place. If it could be installed on older mobile OSs but couldn’t do what it is supposed to, where would that get us. This is similar to the issues that MS had with Windows and support for all of the older equipment. Eventually even MS got to the point where obsolescence is built into the OS, I.e., nobody can run Windows95 anymore.


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the new Covid Alert app just released in Ontario apparently requires users
to have the latest device / software, leaving low-income and more
marginalized folks -- aka people most likely to contract the virus -- out
of the loop.

I verified this myself yesterday when I could not install it to my iPhone 6
because it requires iOS 13.5

WTF? is this an inclusive design fail of top ranking, or can someone with
greater technical knowledge dismiss my budding outrage?

maybe it's just an MVP, okay - but surely the communication on this is
feeble and misguided because word is already out that it's for the
privileged few. Sheesh!



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