[community] Accessibility Accommodations in Engineering

Ushnish Sengupta ushnish.sengupta at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 20:27:37 UTC 2019

Hello Aziza

Most large engineering and technology firms will have accesibility
requirements built into their internship, summer job, and PEY processes.
So I would encourage the the student to pick the companies of interest
first, and then discuss accessibility needs with them.
Small and boutique firms like any other small organizations are a different

I am assuming you have checked in with the accessibility services office at
U of T.

Some other student centered resources if you have not come across them
1) The National Educational Association of Disabled Students
2) And at U of T

On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 12:39 PM Aziza Virani <aziza.virani at utoronto.ca>

> Hello Everyone,
> I hope you are all well.
> I would greatly appreciate any insight you may have around the following:
> I assist postsecondary international scholarship students in securing
> internships and longer-term work opportunities in their areas of study and
> expertise. We have one Mechanical Engineering student who survived a
> near-fatal car accident in 2014, and continues to experience cognitive
> lapses along with physical impairments. A note that the student is mobile,
> and not in need of assistive devices to move around.
> The student is interested in taking on a Professional Experience Year in
> Engineering, which is a program at the University of Toronto that
> facilitates a 12 or 16 month work term for undergraduate students with an
> Engineering firm in Toronto/Canada. The student is dedicated, intelligent
> and driven. Accommodations in this case might include: breaks in order to
> stretch and move around, access to a supportive team and manager, and a
> willingness on the part of a supervisor to allow for flexibility in
> work/assignment deadlines. There may be other considerations, however, we
> are not sure exactly how the student will perform in a work context.
> I have two main questions:
> *        Would any of you have any knowledge of Engineering or technical
> firms that have accessible workplaces/policies?
> *        What should I be considering from an accessibility perspective,
> as I work to secure a meaningful, productive and safe placement for this
> student?
> Any suggestions you may have would be very valuable. This is very new to
> me,
> Thank you,
> Aziza
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