[community] TODAY at OCADU: VSMM 2019- into the future of XR and Exponential Inclusive Tech (1:30-6:30, 49 McCaul Street) FREE

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Thu Oct 17 14:30:25 UTC 2019

The Detailed Agenda for the VSMM Symposium is available below and on the DEEP website<https://deep.idrc.ocadu.ca/>
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VSMM 2019- into the future of XR and Exponential  Inclusive Tech
Check out this FREE Pre-DEEP 2019 event at OCAD University. Thursday,
October 17th International Society on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia Toronto
Conference, October 17, 2019 [VSMM Society]<http://vsmm.org/ <http://vsmm.org/>>

Open Gallery & Black Box Theatre, IDRC at OCADU, 49 McCaul Street, Toronto, Ontario
1:30 PM - 6 PM

The International Society for Virtual Systems and Multimedia is a unique cross-disciplinary organization for the exchange of cutting edge research in new media and virtual and augmented reality applied to everything from art to architecture, medicine to engineering, and archaeology to cultural heritage. One of the oldest and most prestigious VR and multimedia conference,  proceedings are published with the IEEE.

This year we are holding 3 local VSMM events in Toronto, Dublin and Berlin.
Come learn about virtual reality, virtual worlds, accessibility in VR-AR and exponential technologies, and how inclusive design can be integrated for a diverse and inclusive virtual (and actual) reality.

Stay for discussions by leaders in the field. Network and find out how to engage, enrol in XR bootcamps with the SMARTlab INCLUDE XR Impact Labs (in partnership with VR First) including one coming soon to OCADU.

Our themes this year include: Accessibility, Diversity, & Sustainability in 'Actual Reality and Virtual Reality
VSMM Toronto 2019 Agenda, 17 October- 49 McCaul Street

Part 1-
1:30: Colin Clark (Assistant Director IDRC)- Welcome
1:40: Dr Lynne Heller on The Technological Sublime

Part 2-
2-3 pm: Open Gallery, 49 McCaul Street- Technology displays, networking and
refreshments, chance for students to sign up to work with VSMM 2020 and opportunity to learn more about free certified Facebook training in Innovation, AI, Web, Social Media and Cyersecurity training with SMARTlab, and about a few new scholarships forthcoming in the SMARTlab global practice-based PhD in Inclusive Design and Creative Technology Innovation . . .
Part 3-
3-5pm: Presentations by leading researchers in the field (note, seating in the black box is limited to the first 40 participants):

 *3pm   Keynote on the Past, Present and Potential Future of VSMM by Prof Hal Thwaites (Previous President of VSMM- Sunway University & SMARTlab)

* 3:30  Prof Martha Ladly and team: Decoding Origins: Approaching African Identities Through Data Collection and Visualisation

*  4:00 Dr Nina Czegledy (Leonardo) on Reporting on Disparity: Two events Oceans apart in Toronto and New Plymouth (New Zealand)

*  4:20 Dr Doreen Balabanoff (OCADU & SMARTlab) on The Global Birth Environment Design Network: towards a virtual platform that can be a global resource for better birth environment design

 *  4:45 Mohsen Mahjoobnia (OCADU & SMARTlab PhD candidate) on VR to provide access to nature to address isolation and mental health issues/accessibility issues in XR

*  5:10  VSMM 2019 Overview- events in 2019 + Introducing INCLUDE, Academy of the Future, and Be-Earth Experience (with Ylva Hansdotter and the UN Igo for Sustainability): Prof Lizbeth Goodman (Director SMARTlab, VSMM Vice President)

5:40 Generational Planning and Publication: VSMM and Digital Cultural Heritage- next steps by Prof Alonzo Addison (UC Berkely & SMARTlab, VSMM President)

6pm: Prof Jutta Treviranus (Director, IDRC at OCADU, DEEP Chair & SMARTlab)-  Final wrap-up discussion, WELCOME to DEEP) & Last chance to sign up for VSMM, publications committee, scholarship and training opportunities etc.

6:30pm End & chance to wander with the team in the gorgeous city of Toronto!

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