[community] Community design crit - June 25, two topics 2pm to 4pm ET

Hung, Jonathan jhung at ocadu.ca
Mon Jun 24 16:02:50 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

For the design crit tomorrow June 25 there will be two topics at 2pm ET and 3pm ET.

At 2pm ET, we will be talking about usability testing in an inclusive design context. This hour will be dedicated to critiquing usability testing, and discussing questions such as: What exactly are the problems with usability testing? Are there certain contexts that are better for usability testing than others? What is usability testing good for?How can we re-imagine usability testing to be more inclusive?

>From 3pm to 4pm ET, we will be taking a look at early redesign work being done on the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook including changes to navigation, information architecture, and discoverability.

The meeting will be hosted in the Collaboration room at 205 Richmond Street West (IDRC offices) in Toronto, and online in this Vidyo web conference room<https://conf.inclusivedesign.ca/flex.html?roomdirect.html&key=xemU59x8DtnO41eCMtCpCioWaRI>.

For more information on the Community design crits, please visit the Design Crit wiki page<https://wiki.fluidproject.org/x/HQC_B>.


- Jon.

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