[community] a few pieces thinking through assessment, ethics, and quantification

Mitchell, Jess jmitchell at ocadu.ca
Fri Feb 15 16:55:12 UTC 2019

Dear Community,

I have been pushing ‘publish’ on a few pieces lately.

This has been a bit of a hard push, so it started with this to sort of situate these:

Then this attempt to shine a light on some of our silliness:

And then this, an expanded version of the ethical lines we draw, a keynote I delivered at OpenEd 18:

I struggled with ‘if’ to push publish, I struggled with ‘where’ to push publish, and I still struggle with having pushed publish. :)

The journey feels like it’s just begun… there are a few more in the hopper, poised to come out over the next number of weeks.

I’d love edits, contributions, comments, critiques, thoughts, etc.


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