[community] Bluetooth DV track?

Roland Van Oostveen ROLAND.VANOOSTVEEN at uoit.ca
Thu Aug 15 15:52:48 UTC 2019

Hi John,

I’ve got a hearing aid (Seimens Signia series) that can connect to the Bluetooth sound track on my smartphone or iPad (or SmartTV). What needs to happen is that the audio descript track in whatever platform you want to use needs to be synched with the typical audio track and played simultaneously. This should be very possible as it just requires multiple audio tracks to be encoded into the media.


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Hi John,
That makes perfect sense.
To put a finer point on it,
I think you want two things happening at once:
1 of 2: audio description user (e.g., John) hears the typical track + the
audio description track on bluetooth headset, while...
2 of 2: typical users (e.g., rest of John's family) hears the typical track
only, via the loudspeakers.
I am not aware if this has been done, however I'm thinking our friends at
AMI should know (and/or can "make it so").
Would you like me to query them on it?

On Wed, 14 Aug 2019 at 21:04, John Willis <pickupwillis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone, I’ve had this question on my mind for some time and thought
> you might know the answer – has anyone yet invented away for the described
> video from movies and television to be encapsulated it up Bluetooth stream?
> So that the rest of my family did not listen to it?
> As a blind watcher, this seems very obvious to me, but surely others have
> come up with this idea – has anyone created it?
> And if it already exists, any thoughts on why it’s not easily available
> through standard smart TVs, and streaming services?
> John D. Willis
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