[community] "Classical Art and Augmentation" a new episode on Quantization

Kaveh Ashourinia ka11dk at student.ocadu.ca
Mon Aug 12 16:48:12 UTC 2019

Hello community,

A new episode of Quantization <http://quantization.ca>, Classical Art and
is now uploaded.

In this episode of Quantization we walk you through the ReBlink show at
the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). *Colin Clark* from the *IDRC* talks to *Alex
Mayhew*, the creator of the show, about augmented reality in the art domain.

[image: Quantization_Episode9.jpg]

Reality is a complex subject, and it is becoming more sophisticated in the
context of art. Art, in its nature, manipulate and recreates reality for
different reasons. In our area, we can add a layer to the complexity of art
by adding augmented reality (AR). AR is not only a technology, but it also
brings more questions and speculation about the old problem of: “What is

Here is the link to the episode:

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes at:

Please keep in touch, and share your thoughts with us!

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