[community] Rethinking our cities (UToronto Magazine, Inclusive Cities related)

Hung, Jonathan jhung at ocadu.ca
Tue Oct 9 14:30:08 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

Some of you may be interested in the Autumn edition of the University of Toronto Magazine. This edition focuses on rethinking and reimagining urban development, and has many overlaps with the work being done with inclusive cities and the Sidewalk Project.

You can find the web version of the magazine here<https://magazine.utoronto.ca/issue/the-cities-we-need/>.

Topics include:

  *   Accessibility<https://magazine.utoronto.ca/research-ideas/culture-society/toward-city-without-barriers-ron-buliung/>
  *   Affordable Housing
  *   Green spaces
  *   Using data for urban planning<https://magazine.utoronto.ca/research-ideas/technology/what-data-can-teach-us-about-cities/> (mentions the Sidewalk Project)

- Jon.

Jonathan Hung, Inclusive Designer
Email: jhung at ocadu.ca
OCAD University
Inclusive Design Research Centre

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