[community] Sonification prototype of Faraday's Law PhET sim

Hung, Jonathan jhung at ocadu.ca
Mon May 7 16:35:40 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

The IDRC has been collaborating with PhET on a number of physics simulations and I wanted to share with you a video of a sonification prototype for Faraday's law being created by Mike Winters at the Sonification Lab at Georgia Tech (in collaboration with PhET and the IDRC). The term sonification roughly means "representation of data through sound".

While the video is narrated, here is a description of the setting to give additional context to the video. The Faraday's Law simulation is an interactive web application where someone can learn how a magnet can create an electrical current. In the center of the play area, there is a circuit consisting of a lightbulb, a volt meter, and a 4 looped coil. All of these parts are connected together with some wires to form the circuit.

A magnet sits off to the right side of the play area and can be moved by the player. As the magnet moves in the vicinity of the looped coil, charge is created causing the lightbulb and voltage meter to react. The video demonstrates a prototype of this simulation with sonification.

Faraday's Law PhET Simulation Sonification Prototype (MP4 video)<https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-BCZUYYzmYW6P4aslblo0ek3x18hwYU4>

The purpose of the sonification is to enable and enhance learning of concepts relevant to Faraday's Law: induced charge, the notion of flux, magnetic fields, and other topics.

I welcome any comments, questions, and feedback based on your impressions of this video.


- Jon.

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