[community] Greeting from Rotuman MBA team - Research input requested

Pina D'Intino pina at aequumaccess.com
Fri Mar 16 19:31:37 UTC 2018

Hello everyone, this team of researchers is looking for some customer
insights. I was hoping you can give them a few minutes of your time to help
them with their  research  and help them with their outreach to pwds with
cognitive disabilities. I'm sure they would welcome any contact or
assistance with their work.

Here is a bit of their blur.

                They are a team of final year MBA students from Rotman, UofT
working with Telus service design team and Rotman Designworks on a project
to improve the retail experience of customers with cognitive disabilities.
As part of their research, they would like to speak to people who identify
as having a cognitive disability to incorporate their feedback which would
be extremely helpful while designing a potential solution."





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