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Jaime Enrique Cortés Fandiño cortesfandino at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 02:52:59 UTC 2018

Greetings to all,
Although I know the strength of the word laboratory, if I confess that I
think it is a place where only people are "very educated." Possibly this is
wrong, however, my point is that the name of the place must summon and also
motivate. I propose the word park because it means playing, opening,
sharing and also learning from the other.

*Long-life inclusive learning park*

We will learn by playing ...


Jaime E

El mar., 17 de jul. de 2018 06:58, Treviranus, Jutta <jtreviranus at ocadu.ca>

> I need help finding a name.
> As I’ve discussed with many of you, we are launching a lab school for
> inclusive life-long learning. It will be project based and provide an
> opportunity to explore and learn inclusive design in context. It will be
> structured as a global learning community and governed as a platform co-op,
> with members joining as both learners and educators. The members will be
> “radically diverse.” We have founding members from around the globe.
> There are many groups interested in participating and sponsoring the
> initiative, each from different perspectives:
> - universities and colleges see it as a way to experiment with alternative
> forms of education without risk to current institutions
> - the inclusive design community sees it as a means to create an
> inclusively designed educational experience unconstrained by current
> policies and structures (e.g., course length and timing, teaching
> assignments, grading and assessment, enrolment, etc.)
> - industry sees it as a more grounded and flexible way to learn about
> inclusive design
> - foundations and public institutions see it as a way to tackle complex
> problems and model more inclusive approaches to education
> - different learners, including learners who have faced barriers to
> education, see it as a way to optimize their unique learning potential and
> goals.
> We are also devising ways to tackle financial inclusion through our
> membership structure, whereby a corporate membership also finances a
> scholarship, so we can be more inclusive.
> Several degree granting institutions are interested in granting degrees
> for requisite aggregate credits.
> We are working to launch a pilot toward the end of this calendar year with
> a one week intensive in inclusive design.
> The host entity for now is the Inclusive Design Institute with its 8
> postsecondary institution partnership. https://inclusivedesign.ca
> We have used the descriptive label “Lab School for Inclusive Life-long
> Learning,” in initially socializing the plans. We chose Lab School to
> denote the experimental or exploratory nature of the school (similar to the
> Child Studies Institute for K-12), but Lab denotes a sterile, separate
> space, and this will be anything but that. The name is also too long.
> I’m appealing to your collective creativity and brilliance.  Can you think
> of a good name for this venture that somehow eludes labelling?
> thanks
> Jutta
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