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Hi Laura, the other thing we cannot lose track of is that people with disabilities are a vulnerable segment of the population: employment numbers are low, and there is still a lot of societal stigma and barriers to full inclusion at this time. The business world has woken up to the fact that accessibility and inclusion actually translate into real monetary value, and access to the internet has given this population a voice. (leading to legislation and other inclusion-friendly effects)

Thus, people with disabilities can now derive value from the skills they have spent time honing, and it behooves the entities in need of those skills to compensate them accordingly. From what I've seen over the last five years, $100 for one hour and a possible phonecall plus transportation is the going rate in Canada for such services.

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I have a "research team" looking at being blind & belonging in
academia/higher education. Each member (minus me) will be given an
honourarium/stipend, but we haven't decided how much yet (we've discussed
it as a team, and are going to make that decision collaboratively)

I do think it is an important thing to respect members of these
team/committees - and in our society payment seems to be the biggest way we
show respect for someone's time/expertise. All too often I volunteer my
time/expertise/experience for free - which I really do like doing, but I'm
a bit torn - am I perpetuating a disrespectful system by doing this over
and over again?

Great question/consideration.

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> Hi,
> Given the trend of consultation fatigue, I am wondering:
> ·       if any of you have an accessibility or inclusion-based advisory
> committee (or a similar advisory committee comprising members of the
> disability community), and if so,
> ·       do you remunerate them (stipend, expenses or in any other way)?
> Thanks!
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