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Sorry, I meant to copy the group on this response a moment ago.

Dan (loving retirement...)

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When I worked for IBM Canada, we would reimburse individuals with deep user
accessibility skills (e.g. proficient screen reader - JAWS or VoiceOver,
limited vision, cognitive limitations, or hearing loss/deafness, etc.) for
their participation in our tests of applications and web sites - we were
evaluating accessibility compliance (WCAG 2.0 AA) as well as 'usability' by
people with disabilities.

I'm not sure of the policy today, but I always felt that it was best
practice to fairly compensate our subject matter experts (in accessibility
technology and user experience) for their participation in our product

The cost of the honorariums (paid in cash) was billed back to our clients,
both external clients (e.g. telecom companies, banks, transportation) and
internal clients (IBM corporate).  We also reimbursed reasonable transit
costs to get to the client or IBM office for the test (we did not pay for
their time in transit, but did pay for their taxi/subway/etc.)

Typical reimbursement was $100 to $200 per person, for up to 2 hours (and
this allowed us to do a follow-up phone call if we had some additional
questions after the test). 

I found that participation and validation by individuals who were proficient
with assistive technologies was important in making the business case to our
clients, to help them understand the value of remediating to meet the WCAG
2.0 AA standards.

Best wishes, 
Dan Shire
(retired IBM Canada 2016).

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Given the trend of consultation fatigue, I am wondering:

·       if any of you have an accessibility or inclusion-based advisory
committee (or a similar advisory committee comprising members of the
disability community), and if so,

·       do you remunerate them (stipend, expenses or in any other way)?


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