[community] Community Meeting ( July 18 ): MyData - A human-centered approach to personal data management

Obara, Justin jobara at ocadu.ca
Mon Jul 16 13:04:25 UTC 2018

At this week’s Community Meeting<https://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Community+workshops> ( July 18, 2018 ) Teemu Ropponen will be talking about MyData - A human-centered approach to personal data management.

Meeting Notes<https://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Community+Meeting+%28July+18%2C+2018%29%3A+MyData+-+A+human-centered+approach+to+personal+data+management>

MyData is both an alternative vision and guiding technical principles for how we, as individuals, can have more control over the data trails we leave behind us in our everyday actions. The core idea is that we should have an easy way to see where data about us goes, specify who can use it, and alter these decisions over time. More than GDPR, MyData focuses on actionable rights - making sure that data CAN be reused easily, as long the reuse is governed ethically.

Thus, the MyData approach aims at strengthening digital human rights while opening new opportunities for businesses to develop innovative personal data based services built on mutual trust.

MyData is now in the Finnish Government agenda. The MyData declaration has been translated to nearly 10 languages worldwide and the white paper has gained good traction worldwide.

Open Knowledge Finland, Aalto University and many partners currently coordinate a large global MyData global network around the ethical use of personal data.  The network operates now in 25 locations in 20 countries, and organise a 800-person conference and regional meetups on the topic.


n August of this year, this MyData movement is being spun off into

a separate international not-for-profit organisation.

Teemu Ropponen from the MyData Global Network and Open Knowledge Finland, will explain what MyData is all about in practice, and explains what it might mean for designers and developers of digital services in the future.


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2:30 - 4:00pm ET

Locally: IDRC Office<http://idrc.ocadu.ca/about-the-idrc/contact-us>
Remotely: fluid_standup<https://conf.inclusivedesign.ca/flex.html?roomdirect.html&key=xemU59x8DtnO41eCMtCpCioWaRI> Vidyo video conference


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