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Desiree Walsh 3153603 at student.ocadu.ca
Tue Jan 30 05:27:56 UTC 2018

Hi Everyone,   Some of you may know this but just in case you don’t and I
hope its alright that I'm doing this .    I graduated in 2017 from the
inclusive design program and am currently working in a bank in an unrelated
felid.  I also identify as a woman with a disability.  I’m looking for a
side hustle (Part time Job) that might be related to my actual master
degree.  I try to keep up with this list serve as much as possible however,
mostly only see full time technical jobs. Sadly I have never really been a
technical person. Things I am good at include but are not limited to: blog
post, articles,   accessibility consulting and or product testing. I am
also an amateur stand-up comic so if you needed entertainment for a party
and or an interesting key note. Most of my stand up is related to
disability.  I also have some pretty good stories about my experiences as a
disabled woman.   Thank you Desiree  Walsh

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