[community] Makers Making Change: Looking for Volunteers

Stewart Russell stewartr at neilsquire.ca
Thu Apr 19 03:13:56 UTC 2018

Exciting news! Makers Making Change is very close to launching our new website. It's been a long time coming and we would love your feedback!

Our new site connects Makers, People with Disabilities and Disability Professionals to one another with the goal of providing people with disabilities with access to affordable open source assistive technologies.

Over the past year, hundreds of passionate volunteers in communities across Canada and the US joined our network to volunteer their time, skills, and tools to make a difference. Now it’s time to bring our project to the next level. By Nov 30, we will have a built a network of 500 volunteer makers and 500 people with disabilities.

Our new site features:
Events listings, a geolocation “maker matching service”, and open source library of free, tested open source assistive devices - including the ability to add your projects or ideas. We will have resources for teachers, librarians or makerspaces to get involved in Makers Making Change by exploring real life applications of design, simple electronics and 3d printing.

If you can help us with this critical aspect of the project, we will be super grateful! If you have projects or ideas you’d like to submit, now is the time! We are taking this next week to pre-populate our site with projects and test it out before the public gets to see it.

Process to be involved in MMC site testing:

* Please reply to this email to let me know you want to participate

* Sign up/Login to the MMC beta site here:

Sign up for several accounts if you like (using different emails) and see how each type of account reacts
For example:

* As a Maker - try out features as a maker, click “submit a build” if you have a project, click connect and type in your postal code to see if there are any people with disabilities looking for devices in your area

* As a Person with a Disability - request a build, submit an idea

* As a Disability Professional - review a device

Note: Under 3)Complete your Profile, you may want to use different names under each created account to differentiate between them

Please supply feedback here:


by April 23rd if at all possible.

We will send you a follow up email next week with a general feedback questionnaire.

Best Wishes - and thanks in advance!


Stewart Russell - Regional Coordinator Makers Making Change (Central Canada)

stewartr at neilsquire.ca

T 416.797.6757 F 613.723.3579 C +1 416 797 6757

150 Kilgour Rd - NOT A MAILING ADDRESS, Toronto, ON, M4G 1R8

NEIL SQUIRE SOCIETY http://www.neilsquire.ca

We use Technology, Knowledge, and Passion

to Empower Canadians with Disabilities

[Facebook]<http://www.facebook.com/neilsquiresoc> [Twitter] <https://twitter.com/NeilSquireSoc>  [YouTube] <http://www.youtube.com/user/NeilSquireSociety>  <http://www.indiegogo.com/neilsquire>

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