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Mitchell, Jess jmitchell at ocadu.ca
Tue Sep 12 20:51:17 UTC 2017

It’s time to assemble a team of amazing DEEP volunteers.

Why should you volunteer? Because if you give us a 1/2 day on one of the two days, then you can attend the rest of the conference for free. Of course if you want to volunteer more than that you certainly can!

What are the volunteer positions?
For the four topic areas we need:

  *   4x2 volunteers per room to ensure technology is working, run to get technology if needed
  *   4x1 note taker
  *   4 volunteers to take care of registration on Thursday morning
  *   2 volunteers to help with attendees arriving on Friday morning

See the DEEP information below and please visit the website to see speakers, an agenda, and more!

Email me and I can get you plugged into volunteering!


Please join us for the annual DEEP Conference: Designing Enabling Economies and Policies October 11-12, 2017 at OCAD U, 100 McCaul St. in Toronto. This year our focus will be on four critical questions:

Discussions will centre around four areas:

  *   Government Accessible ICT Procurement Policies—recommendations for federal accessible procurement policies will be shared and discussed. Participants will be able to provide input and respond to the final recommendations.
  *   Cognitive Access & Learning Differences – an area that is not well developed in accessibility legislation and services is the area of cognitive access, yet it is the most prevalent experience of disability. There is a call for Canada to take bold steps in this issue. Participants will help to establish a bold plan.
  *   Machine Learning—participants will delve into the challenge of teaching machines and automated systems to recognize and adapt to diversity rather than rely on flawed models of “average humans” that perpetuate social, political, and economic biases.
  *   Co-operative Platforms—participants will step through development of a cooperative platform and consider social implications, privacy implications, inclusion aspects and potential barriers.

Register at the DEEP website:  http://deep.idrc.ocadu.ca/about-deep/register/

The agenda for this year’s conference is: http://deep.idrc.ocadu.ca/agenda/

Please share this invitation widely so that we can achieve diverse representation at DEEP 2017.

For more information about DEEP, please visit our web site (http://deep.idrc.ocadu.ca) or email your inquiry to deep at ocadu.ca.

We look forward to your participation and valuable contribution.
Inclusive Design Research Centre Director, Inclusive Design Institute

Jess Mitchell
(GMT - 4:00)
Senior Manager, R&D + Design
OCAD University, Toronto
Inclusive Design Research Centre
jmitchell at ocadu.ca
skype: jesshmitchell

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