[community] Inclusive Design Principles

Taliesin Smith talilief at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 13:44:39 UTC 2017

Hi Inclusive Design Community,

I am reviewing the great talks that happened at the ID24 (Inclusive Design 24) event in June, and I came across a talk by Henny Swan on a set of Inclusive Design Principles.  

There’s a website for these Inclusive Design Principles <http://inclusivedesignprinciples.org/> as well as the ID24 talk. Henny Swan, Ian Pouncey, Heydon Pickering and Léonie Watson, have been working on these “principles” that are intended to help teams put people first during the design process.

It would be interesting to think about these 7 Inclusive Design Principles along side and together with the IDRC's 3 Dimensions of Inclusive Design <https://idrc.ocadu.ca/about-the-idrc/49-resources/online-resources/articles-and-papers/443-whatisinclusivedesign> to see how they converge.

There are many more great talks on the ID24 site <https://www.inclusivedesign24.org/>, and a please note that there is a call for submissions for the November ID24 event, as well.



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