[community] bookmarklet that presents lists of headings, links, aria landmarks

Mark Weiler mweiler at alumni.sfu.ca
Sat Sep 9 19:06:56 UTC 2017

Fangs is extremely promising for pulling out headers/links. (It doesn't work with current version of FF, unfortunately)

Here's a screenshot if others haven't seen it: https://addons.cdn.mozilla.net/user-media/previews/full/40/40623.png?modified=1331218902


    On Saturday, September 9, 2017 9:14 AM, John Willis <pickupwillis at gmail.com> wrote:

 Hi Mark, I have used the Fangs add-on in Firefox to achieve the first two of your requirements – I don't think it presents ARIA labels however but you should check it out

> On Sep 9, 2017, at 05:49, Mark Weiler <mweiler at alumni.sfu.ca> wrote:
> Does anyone know of bookmarklets that can do the following to a web page:
> Extract and present a list of:
> 1. headings2. links3. aria landmarks
> I know of bookmarklets that will annotated or highlight those areas in the rendered HTML but I would like to simulate a screen reader's "navigate a document by heading/links/aria landmark" feature. 
> Thanks,
> Mark 
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