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John W (personal) pickupwillis at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 19:20:13 UTC 2017

Hi everyone, as you may know I am very interested in making difference a
strength in organizations, markets, and policies.

One of my project is the establishment of an ongoing research community to
deepen understanding of consumer trends and preferences among people with
disabilities. As digital technology transforms the possibilities for
accessibility in all domains, having a strong voice in product and service
design is critically important to enhancing our participation and

Right now, John Willis & Associates / IPSOS Consumer Markets are seeking
participants for ongoing qualitative and quantitative research to inform
companies and public agencies about the needs and preferences we bring to
consumer markets.

We are particularly interested in connecting with blind or low-vision
individuals. Please notify us at:

*AccessResearch at ipsos-research.com <AccessResearch at ipsos-research.com>*

... if you or a friend or a colleague are interested -


> this is NOT an invitation to a single study but instead an ongoing
research community, in which you can provide insight on many different
> all research studies include compensation for your time and effort

Please pass on this opportunity - let's use every tool at our disposal to
raise our voices.


*John D. Willis | *
*CMRP, MDes *Inclusive design, strategy and research
Toronto CANADA

Web: www.jdwillis.ca
LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/tojohnw
Twitter: @TOjohnw
Skype: johnwillis416

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