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I’ve been recommending these resources to OCAD U faculty, as they all use the Canvas LMS which we use at OCAD.

Canvas Accessibility<https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-2061>
Information about templates and accessible design guidelines in Canvas

DO-IT Center<http://www.washington.edu/doit/>
Based at the University of Washington Seattle, the DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) Center offers resources, programs and communities of practice dedicated to empowering people with disabilities through technology and education.

University of Florida Accessibility Site<http://accessibility.ufl.edu/faculty--staff/>
University of Florida uses similar online tools to OCAD U, such as Canvas, Lynda.com, and Microsoft office. This site offers step by step instructions and resources for creating accessible course materials such as Word docs, PDFs and videos.

I am going to add the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook to our list or resources, and I’m looking forward to exploring the PCC resources UC recourses also.  Thanks for the tips.



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    Hi Zheyu,

    The University of Colorado’s Accessible Course Content materials <http://www.colorado.edu/accessibility/2017/08/22/accessible-course-content-checklist> are very good.

    Portland Community College also has a large number of excellent and practical guidance for educators as well. Portland’s resources cover more than just online course material, providing guidance for teaching materials in other formats, as well. They have also done a lot of research on how to make math accessible.

    https://www.pcc.edu/resources/instructional-support/access/ <https://www.pcc.edu/resources/instructional-support/access/>

    PCC has a new guide about working with complex images.

    Of course, there is the IDRC's own materials as well found in the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook <http://handbook.floeproject.org/index.html> which offers a wealth of higher-level learning design guidance.

    Thanks for sharing what you found.


    > On Sep 1, 2017, at 07:24, Zheyu Wang <3152200 at student.ocadu.ca> wrote:


    > Dear

    > ​Jutta and Inclusive Design Family

    > ,


    > I found this checklist maybe useful for professors and educators creating

    > accessible course content. I would like to share with you and INCD

    > community for the information. I hope this checklist can be incorporated

    > ​​

    > in our program

    > ​ course design​

    > .


    > Credit to following URL:​

    > ​​

    > http://www.colorado.edu/accessibility/2017/08/22/accessible-

    > course-content-checklist?utm_content=buffer5e81d&utm_medium=

    > social&utm_source=linkedin.com&utm_campaign=buffer


    > Accessible Course Content Checklist


    > As you prepare for the new semester, keep accessibility in mind! Creating

    > course materials that are accessible in a variety of formats is helpful to

    > all students in your classes, including those with disabilities. Use this

    > checklist as a reference while preparing your courses, and feel free to

    > reach out to OIT for more details at (303) 735-4357 (5-HELP from a campus

    > phone) or help at colorado.edu.


    > *Need-to-Do’s:*


    >   - Use the accessible syllabus template

    >   <//www.colorado.edu/accessibility/resources/universally-designed-syllabus-materials>

    >   to ensure that all students, including those who use assistive technology,

    >   will be able to access the information in your syllabus.

    >   - If you have a D2L course, make sure your HTML course content contains

    >   appropriate headings. To learn more, see our accessible content

    >   structure page

    >   <https://oit.colorado.edu/services/teaching-learning-tools/desire2learn-d2l/help/instructor-support/content/accessiblecontent>

    >   .

    >   - For any digital software or service that students are required to use

    >   in your course, please determine the accessibility status of the software.

    >   For software supported by the Office of Information Technology, please

    >   check the Accessibility Current Status page

    >   <//www.colorado.edu/accessibility/current-status>. To determine the

    >   accessibility status of any additional software, please contact the

    >   Compliance Review Office at ICTCompliance at colorado.edu

    >   <ICTCompliance at colorado.edu?subject=Accessibility%20Status>.


    > If the software is not accessible or has not been reviewed for

    > accessibility, please provide notice to students using the syllabus

    > statement below.


    > *Syllabus statement:*

    > *This course requires the use of [insert name & description of tool], which

    > is currently not accessible to users using assistive technology or has not

    > yet been reviewed fully for accessibility. If you use assistive technology

    > to access the course material, please contact your faculty member and

    > Disability Services at 303-492-8671 <(303)%20492-8671> or by e-mail at

    > dsinfo at colorado.edu <dsinfo at colorado.edu> as soon as possible to discuss

    > other effective means for providing equal alternate access.*


    >   -


    >   If you receive an accommodation request from a student in your course

    >   for a captioning accommodation, notify the captioning service using the

    >   online captioning request form

    >   <https://oit.colorado.edu/services/consulting-professional-services/captioning/request-captioning/webform/request-captioning>

    >   .


    > *Go Above and Beyond For Your Students:*


    >   - Consult the Universal Design Checklist for Educators

    >   <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t_g2cf73XpgRjujlF9zqiVom-uAUXH25RO9P_-3GA7I/edit?usp=sharing>

    >   for guidance on designing and authoring accessible digital content such as

    >   PowerPoints, PDFs, and Word Documents.

    >   - Review the best practices for supporting Universal Design teaching

    >   practices

    >   <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sJvkZF_iP_oagScn7_trR3h6jts6CIIZrXSmLoEZdIk/edit>

    >   .

    >   - Review the accessibility of your D2L course content using the

    > Accessibility

    >   Checker

    >   <https://oit.colorado.edu/services/teaching-learning-tools/desire2learn-d2l/help/instructor-support/content/accessibilitychecker>

    >   .

    >   - Review the guidelines for creating accessible course content in D2L

    >   <https://oit.colorado.edu/services/teaching-learning-tools/desire2learn-d2l/help/instructor-support/content/accessibility>

    >   .

    >   - Consider captioning any video content you use in your courses. Email

    >   captioning at colorado.edu for a consultation or to schedule captioning

    >   training, or review our YouTube captioning tutorials

    >   <https://oit.colorado.edu/services/consulting-professional-services/captioning/resources-captioning>

    >   to caption on your own.


    > For additional resources related to accessibility

    > <//www.colorado.edu/accessibility/resources> and universal design for

    > teaching and learning, please go to the Accessible Technology page

    > <//www.colorado.edu/accessibility/home>. There, you can also learn more

    > about CU Boulder’s Accessibility Policy

    > <//www.colorado.edu/accessibility/policy-and-standards>.


    > If you would like to learn more or have questions about campus

    > accessibility resources, please contact the IT Service Center at

    > help at colorado.edu

    > <help at colorado.edu?subject=Campus%20Accessibility%20Resources> or call

    > 303-735-4357 <(303)%20735-4357> (5-HELP from a campus phone).




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