[community] Tools that digitize drawing?

Ambrose Li al12si at student.ocadu.ca
Fri Oct 6 20:13:34 UTC 2017

Just curious, but what kind of medium does the artist work in? If a
ballpen type of smart pen is acceptable, I assume it would be mostly
line drawings or single-coloured sketches (as opposed to, say, coloured
sketches, paintings and the like).

If it is indeed monochrome then a photocopier type of scanner actually
should work quite well, and would require minimal supervision. You’d
just feed the scanner with a stack of your drawings (provided that they
can fit into the copier’s sheet feeder and don’t have torn edges/glued-
on pieces, etc.). (For colour sketches or paintings you do have to sit
at the scanning station to monitor the scanning—though this might very
well be due to my lack of experience.)

One caveat: Computer styluses don’t work the same way as real pens and
brushes. Smart pens will probably partly alleviate the problem (because
the artist will be drawing on real paper), but I can’t even pick up a
random (real) pen and produce lettering that look the same; different
pens feel different. 

So these would be a few more things you might want to consider.


On Fri, 2017-10-06 at 18:54 +0000, Foster, Julia wrote:
> Thanks! I will look into those. Laura, yours might have been called
> the Echo Smartpen.
> Ambrose, you’re right that scanning can accomplish the same outcome.
> The artist in question was looking for a solution that they could be
> a bit more independent on – something that is a bit more
> instantaneous instead of having someone scan in the pages for them.
> It’s probably either scanning or one of these smartpens. The smartpen
> we have here is a basic ball point pen, so I thought if anyone one
> the list was an artist, they might have come across other brands (or
> that the community might have ideas I hadn’t even thought about e.g.
> Simon’s SD card scanner wouldn’t have come to my mind).
> Thanks!! Have a great day,
> Julia
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> Subject: Re: [community] Tools that digitize drawing?
> I used something in high school. I think it was a smartpen maybe? Or
> pen friend? no I think that's something else... I should look up what
> it was called. But it was a pen, and someone would write or draw in a
> special notebook. The files were then put into computer. Writing
> could be transformed into text, and drawings into pictures on a
> computer.
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> On 4 October 2017 at 14:16, Bates, Simon <sbates at ocadu.ca<mailto:sbat
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> Hi Julia,
> There are scanners available that can scan directly to an SD card,
> without a computer. Such as:
> https://www.vupointsolutions.com/magic-wand
> Would something like that be suitable?
> Simon
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> Subject: Re: [community] Tools that digitize drawing?
> To clarify, the person I'm asking about would not be using a screen
> (i.e. wouldn't be drawing on an iPad with the Apple pen), so pen and
> paper solutions (though obviously I think all are interesting).
> Thanks,
> Julia
> From: Foster, Julia
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> Subject: Tools that digitize drawing?
> Hi,
> Does anyone know of tools that digitize drawing without a screen? I
> know there are smart pens that you draw on special paper (e.g. Echo
> Livescribe, Moleskine) and you can then upload it to your computer
> and sync it with audio.
> This would be for an artist, so pen options might be important.
> Thanks,
> Julia
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