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Dear Inclusive community,

My apologies for reseeding this email! I wanted to clarify 2 things:

   1. March 21st is the Persian new year 1396 (2017), Persian culture, same
   as other cultures, celebrates the new year(beginning of spring) by giving
   gifts of love and support to others.
   2. Omid Foundation is recognized and credited in Canada and you would
   receive tax recipes when you make your generous donations.

I hope you would join us in warming up this cold Canadian spring, by
sharing love and support.

Thank you in advance



Make a difference for Mahsa, Sara and Halima this Norouz
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We thank everyone who has supported us in 2016 and look forward to 2017
with hope that we can continue to make a difference to the lives of young
women in Iran. Norouz is a very special occasion for the girls at OMID. For
many of them this is the first time that they celebrate the New Year. For
some it will be a year of new beginnings as they look to start training to
go on to become artisans and entrepreneurs.

Let’s get together for this special occasion and make a difference to the
lives of young women at OMID who are about to embark on their new and
exciting futures. Last year we were delighted to put one of the young women
at OMID through training to follow her dream of opening her own pastry and
coffee shop. Mona pictured below  is about to open her own coffee shop and

We are now asking for your help to raise funds for these three young women,
each with their own emerging talent and real opportunities ahead,  if
they can first get their vocational  training.  Please read their stories
and click on their  story link to visit their fund-raising page and make a
“My mother never had much jewelry and I know she will be so proud of me
when I open my handmade, bespoke jewelry boutique.”

Sara was very quiet and timid when she first came to OMID, but it did not
take her long to discover her passion for painting and design and  through
an internship working for a jeweller, her instructor, on realizing her
creative potential, approached OMID to say that he would be very interested
in opening a business with her once she finishes her professional training.

Now Sara wants to open a jewellery business and so needs to take a 1 year
jewelry making course at Rayan Gallery and needs some start up materials
and tools, costing a total of  $2,900.

Help Sara achieve her training so she can go on to take up this
opportunity CLICK
to read her full story and to make a donation.


“Fashion really is my passion. I dream of becoming a successful dressmaker”

 Halima, was bought to OMID by a friend of her mother’s. She worked hard at
her studies, soon catching up on the lost years of her childhood and has
demonstrated a natural talent and flare for design.  She has been involved
in designing and creating many impressive costumes for performances by
OMID’s Theater Workshop and dance group.

Now Halima wants to take a dress-making and textile/fashion design
certificate course at Maleka College, so she can go on to open her own
made-to-measure fashion store. and her aunt who is already a dress-maker,
wishes to partner with her to set up in business together after this course
*.* Halima says they will make the perfect partnership as her aunt has
"great technical skills but no fashion sense!”

This course costs $1,950. Help Halima train and team top with her aunt. CLICK
to read her full story and to make a donation.


“My love of making bread in the kitchens at OMID has really inspired me to
follow by ambition of opening my own artisan bakery in Tehran.”

At just 15 Mahsa came to OMID, referred from a drug rehabilitation center.
She has done very well with her high school studies and has rediscovered
her love of cooking. She also recently won a baking competition and as a
result her friend, who has already worked in some bakeries and has
experience, now wants Mahsa to open a bakery and become her
business-partner.  This means Mahsa needs take a 12 month bakery course at
Horizon College in Tehran, costing $1,500!

Help Mahsa to become the co-owner of an artisan bakery. CLICK HERE
to read her full story and to make a donation.


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