[community] iBeacons and Blindsquare

John W (personal) pickupwillis at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 16:25:37 UTC 2017

thanks Julie, great post

quick thoughts:

- Blindsquare is extremely powerful but like a lot of powerful apps, quite
complex for the first-time user. I was unable to get much utillity out of
it when I tried it on a trip to Prague last year, as it was hard to
navigate on my iPhone with my low vision - advice to all: do an extensive
tutorial before you try using it - advice to Blindquare developers: keep
working on that UX

- for some time I have been musing about getting chipped-buildings into
Ontario's building code - does anyone have experience on this ttype of
issue, maybe from working on the AODA? the idea would be to ensure that ALL
buildings are appropriately chipped for connecting to apps like
Blindsquare. I will look into whether we can get something like that into
bylaws at City of Toronto level.

- I have been a member of the CNIB for many years, and have frequently
talked to staff about developing an online community of members to
encourage technology and accessibility. I was a presenter at their national
conference in 2015.

... and I have never heard anything about this tech group or the February
4th event!

thanks for the link to their email listserv. If it were not for this post,
I would remain blissfully (and pointellessly) ignorant, as I think are most
CNIB service users - our old charity model at work


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