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Perhaps you already know about this group, but in case you don’t perhaps there are folks to connect with:

And this project of their in particular:

Hope that’s helpful!


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> On Aug 21, 2017, at 2:12 PM, Laura Yvonne Bulk <laurabulk at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm helping to organize a series titled ‘Mobile Methods for Researching
> Bodies in Motion’ - the focus is on the use of digital and mobile methods,
> tools and technologies in qualitative research exploring bodies in motion,
> sport, and physical cultural studies. We have had a few seminars already,
> each with a different focus related to the seminar series. You can check
> out the blog and recordings of the previous seminars here
> <http://blogs.ubc.ca/mobilemethods/>.
> The seminars are virtual – we will be using the BlueJeans to video
> conference with speakers in different locations and we will also have a
> room at UBC where faculty and grad members will gather. Others scholars
> will be able to log in wherever they are.
> I'm assisting to organize a session on the use of technology in research in
> disability studies and related fields. We are looking for people who might
> be interested in sharing about some of their work. It'll be a short
> presentation of work followed by a panel/group discussion. Some of the
> ideas to be discussed include critical disability studies, accessibility of
> methods, and how technology enables access to research. We are pretty open
> to ideas from folks about what they'd like to bring. For example, I am
> interested in bringing to the discussion some ideas around how
> participatory research has so often focussed on visual methods/approaches,
> and how we can expand this to be more inclusive.
> If you're interested (in sharing or attending, or just chatting about it,
> or if you have suggestions regarding people I might contact) please let me
> know.
> Thanks
> PS - thanks to folks who shared the audio eclipse resources!
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