[community] Interesting work on accessibility re technology and research

Laura Yvonne Bulk laurabulk at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 18:12:45 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

I'm helping to organize a series titled ‘Mobile Methods for Researching
Bodies in Motion’ - the focus is on the use of digital and mobile methods,
tools and technologies in qualitative research exploring bodies in motion,
sport, and physical cultural studies. We have had a few seminars already,
each with a different focus related to the seminar series. You can check
out the blog and recordings of the previous seminars here

The seminars are virtual – we will be using the BlueJeans to video
conference with speakers in different locations and we will also have a
room at UBC where faculty and grad members will gather. Others scholars
will be able to log in wherever they are.

I'm assisting to organize a session on the use of technology in research in
disability studies and related fields. We are looking for people who might
be interested in sharing about some of their work. It'll be a short
presentation of work followed by a panel/group discussion. Some of the
ideas to be discussed include critical disability studies, accessibility of
methods, and how technology enables access to research. We are pretty open
to ideas from folks about what they'd like to bring. For example, I am
interested in bringing to the discussion some ideas around how
participatory research has so often focussed on visual methods/approaches,
and how we can expand this to be more inclusive.

If you're interested (in sharing or attending, or just chatting about it,
or if you have suggestions regarding people I might contact) please let me


PS - thanks to folks who shared the audio eclipse resources!

Laura Yvonne Bulk OT, MOT, BSW
PhD Candidate, Rehabilitation Sciences
<https://twitter.com/LauraYvonneBulk> Twitter: @LYBOT
Faculty of Medicine | The University of British Columbia
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Mobile: 778.228.4774
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