[community] Participants needed for research study on user centered design (UCD) methods

Joash Sujan Samuel Roy joash.sujan at ryerson.ca
Wed Oct 26 19:02:31 UTC 2016


I’m Joash Sujan doing my Masters in Industrial Engineering at Ryerson
University. My research focuses on examining User Centered Design (UCD)
methods and their applicability to older adult users when carrying out a
needs analysis at the beginning of a technology project.

In this study I am seeking expert’s opinion on the cognitive, motor and
perceptual abilities needed by older adults when participating in various
types of needs gathering methods such as questionnaires, workshops,
cultural probes etc. I am also interested in any modifications done to
existing methods or new ones that researchers have invented/tried. To
gather this information, designers will be asked to complete a 12 item
questionnaire about this topic consisting of 8 forced choice questions and
4 open-ended. It should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. You can
leave the radio buttons and check boxes blank if you dont know details
about certain methods and move to the next page. It's not mandatory to
provide details for all the methods.

Please click the below link to proceed to the survey.


If you face any technical difficulties or have queries about the survey,
please feel free to contact me at joash.sujan at ryerson.ca or call me at

Your help in providing data for this research is much appreciated.


Joash Sujan

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