[community] Differentiating Accessibility, Universal Design and Inclusive Design

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I also think there should be something there about the usability of those designs. Thoughts?

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I’m part of a number of UN Committees and was requested to both define inclusive design and differentiate inclusive design from accessibility and Universal Design.

I would love to get your thoughts and suggestions as this will go into some fairly far-reaching documents.

Here is my proposed wording for the differentiation (not the definition):

Accessibility is an intended outcome for persons that experience disabilities.

Universal design, as it is currently articulated, is a set of universal quality criteria for a design.

Inclusive design focuses on a) achieving an integrated personal fit for the full range of human diversity, b) the process of design and who participates in the design decisions, and c) the indirect impact of the design or the design in its larger context.

Inclusive design is more than an outcome or a set of design criteria. It is a systemic approach that guards against the risk that persons will be excluded by the outcome, the set of criteria, the design process, or the indirect impact of a design. As such Inclusive Design encompasses both accessibility and Universal Design.



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