[community] Verifiable Claims or Badgechains and Inclusive Design

Treviranus, Jutta jtreviranus at ocadu.ca
Wed Jun 15 11:44:32 UTC 2016

In the interest of proactive vigilance to issues of inclusive design in emerging technologies I’ve been monitoring both the Badgechain group http://www.learningfutures.eu/2016/05/from-blockchain-to-badgechain-introduction/
and the W3C alternative, the Verifiable Claims group:

My intuitive sensors say this is not something to ignore and that there are values at stake (both simple and complex) that are highly relevant to inclusion. However the time and technical expertise needed to monitor and intervene intelligently in either group is greater than I have at the moment.

I’m writing to ask whether anyone in the larger inclusive design community is also participating, or if someone is interested in participating and I can fill you in.


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