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They are based in Hamilton. I saw a demo of the product last summer. It's amazing technology. 

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On Jun 8, 2016, at 2:02 PM, Teresa Chien <teresa.w.chien at gmail.com> wrote:

See link below for an article and two videos on eSight eyewear:


"A computer uses software to process each pixel captured on camera, and
then the enhanced video is sent back to the headset and displayed on LED
screens in front of the user’s eyes. The settings -- like colour, contrast
and brightness -- are adjustable and the process happens in real time."

I haven't tried or seen this technology in person before. Functionally, it
appears like a technology transferable to several daily activities (e.g.
reading labels or signs on the go, driving, navigating different physical
environments) that not only enables one to participate in meaningful
activities but may also potentially reduce the need for other or multiple
assistive technologies that are for very specific activities (e.g. ZoomText
for reading and writing on a computer). Though, eSight eyewear is currently
inaccessible for many due to hefty price tag. It will be interesting to see
if and when the Ministry of Health will approve of this technology to be
partially covered under the Ontario Assistive Devices Program.

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