[community] Gloves that Translate ASL to Speach

Tara Robertson trobertson at langara.ca
Wed Jun 1 18:56:41 UTC 2016

Here's an article that critiques this technology. In particular, I love this
quote: "Deaf people are viewed as a liability in terms of communication,
when in reality, the opposite is true. We are the experts at communication.
>From living in a society that constantly demands observation and
improvisation of us, we have learned how to communicate in countless ways." 

One of the Queer ASL instructors also pointed out that so much grammar
happens in the face, so this technology is both inappropriate and flawed. 


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Two undergraduate students team up to invent SignAloud. A set of gloves that
converts ASL signs to speech.

They have won the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize:

Story at the following link:

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