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Hi Mohsen,
Sorry for the late reply. I finally had a chance to watch the video.
There are lots of very interesting ideas that are being discussed by each individual. It’s great that you have captured different perspectives (people with range of abilities and also their care givers) in their own environment (an apartment, a rental house and a suburban house). These all showed what type different limitations and challenges each one of them has to deal with in order to go through daily life. It was also interesting to see how other factors such as financial aid, availability of care givers, location of their house, etc. imposed other challenges or made them invent their own solutions inside the house.

It made me think of what an inclusive house would look like? a house that is not just accessible but a house that is built to provide equal opportunities for each household member (care giver and the caree) to navigate, access, play, communicate and have social interactions with one another in the same environment.

Thanks for sharing,



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On Jul 21, 2016, at 12:08 PM, Mohsen Mahjoobnia <mm14kl at student.ocadu.ca<mailto:mm14kl at student.ocadu.ca>> wrote:

Dear Inclusive family and friends

I am sharing with you a short documentary film (17 min) title: “Home
Accessible Home.” <https://youtu.be/SMYjuc8hwSw> This video was part of my
MRP and still work in progress; I guess any documentary film is never fully

The project aims to explore the human side of an accessible home; What is
an accessible home for you?

*Home accessible home* <https://youtu.be/SMYjuc8hwSw> <

I hope you enjoy it! I look forward to read your comments and* excited to
read your critics; Please be harsh (smile face) it would help me to
improve! *

Thank you

Mohsen M

*This project was not posible without the help and kindness of: *
*Camera*: Anne Jackson, Nima Mazinani, Pooria Fard
*Special thanks to:* Sambhavi Chandrashekar, Bert Shire, Inclusive Design
Research Centre, Jutta Treviranus, Cheryl Giraudy, Pat Murray, Patty De
Guia, Kausar Mian, Joschi Shea, Geoffrey Shea

*Abstract: *
This project explored the lived experiences of three persons with mobility
challenges during their quotidian negotiations with their environment in
their partially or fully renovated homes. Following them with a video
camera, a documentary film was put together to vividly capture nuanced
adaptations they make to achieve an accessible living environment. Their
responses to a series of questions exposes the ambivalence associated with
their notions and emotions about accessibility. The question central to the
film is: what is accessible home for you? Rather than trying to dictate
guidelines for architects and builders, the film exposes the audience to
the perspectives of people with disabilities that reveal the plurality of
their notion of accessibility and the unique challenges associated with
striving for it. This project reinforces the inclusive design lesson: one
size fits but one; easier achieved in the digital realm, but an equally
important goal in the physical realm.

An experience by: Moisen M Mohsen
Producer: ProClusive.com<http://ProClusive.com>
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