[community] Marrakesh Treaty comes into force

Foster, Julia jfoster at ocadu.ca
Tue Jul 5 13:46:54 UTC 2016

I¹m not sure what will change Š it definitely seems like a valuable move,
but agreed that there are many more steps required towards improvement in
access to alternative formats.

On 2016-07-04, 5:12 PM, "Ambrose Cheuk-Wing Li" <al12si at student.ocadu.ca>

>On Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 8:49 AM, Foster, Julia <jfoster at ocadu.ca> wrote:
>> Yesterday morning, Canada became the 20th nation to accede
>> to the Marrakesh Treaty, which will bring the Treaty into
>> force in three months¹ time on September 30, 2016. [stuff deleted]
>> News article on Canada becomes the 20th country to agree to
>> the #marrakeshtreaty, bringing it into full force in three
>> months from now<http://bit.ly/293TOzG>
>> Learn how the #marrakeshtreaty will improve access
>> to books and other publications for students and
>> others<http://bit.ly/29h2o1l>
>This soinds like great news, but in practical terms what exactly has
>changed? Does this, for example, legally allow crowdsourced production
>of accessible formats? From the WIPO announcement it looks like it
>Ambrose Li

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