[community] EPUB 3.1 Standard Update

Hung, Jonathan jhung at ocadu.ca
Tue Feb 16 13:38:10 UTC 2016

This is great Giovanni, thanks for sharing!

It looks like EPUB 3.1 can be summarized static HTML in a zip file.

The most significant changes for me from EPUB 3.0.1 to 3.1 are:

  *   HTML 5 and CSS is now supported - readers must support it, authors can use it.
  *   Support for Digital Publishing Aria 1.0.
  *   WCAG 2.0 support. EPUB 3.1 packages is “recommended” to conform to AA.
  *   Relaxed scripting requirements (i.e. removed foreign resource fallback requirement for scripts if the resource is not listed in the spine).

This should make authoring and personalization of EPUB content easier as the same best practices and tools used for web and accessibility can now be used for EPUB 3.1 natively. Hopefully this will also mean publishers do not have to go through a problematic conversion process from HTML to EPUB XML (something we’ve struggled with in our own research into EPUB 3).

This should (hopefully) mean that AT users will get better experiences.

The IDPF is aiming for a release candidate of the EPUB 3.1 spec in October 2016.

- Jon.



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On February 14, 2016 at 6:09:07 PM, Tirloni, Giovanni (gtirloni at ocadu.ca<mailto:gtirloni at ocadu.ca>) wrote:

A presentation about the EPUB 3.1 standard revision by Romain Deltour at
the XML Prague 2016 conference (contains some useful links):


The first draft is available for review:


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