[community] Help organize an inclusive future "fashion show"

Treviranus, Jutta jtreviranus at ocadu.ca
Sun Feb 14 03:16:34 UTC 2016

We have been approached by Orion and Compute Canada to organize a 45 minute event at their annual diThink conference, see: http://www.thinkconference.ca/agenda-2016/

We are the plenary session at 1pm. The idea is a fashion show featuring potential innovations or futures in the area of democratization of technology and inclusion design. There are 300 registrants already (they may cap it at 400) and this is taking place on May 16th. 

This seems like a great way to showcase the amazing work of the community. Who is interested in showcasing innovations at this event? Brandon can you show your work on time? Donna would you like to present UPIC? Edgar you should definitely show AirVR. Desiree do you have a vision of the perfect connected mode of transportation? Everyone that submitted to the Martian contest, would you like to show your work? Are there ideas from the Hackathon and Sprints that we would like to present? Chad and Abid, do you have ideas from delving into the future?

My thought is that we can fit in approximately 30 innovations or prospective innovations. The commentary would describe the context and the innovation, we can have background slides and we need to show the work in a fashion show style. They will provide lighting and sound.

Please tell me if you would like to help organize or present.  


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