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Tue Feb 9 22:59:25 UTC 2016

CAIDR = Canadian Association of Inclusive Design Research

It's a new learned society re. Inclusive Design we're just in the midst of
founding.  We've already established it as a non-profit corporation.
Planning on making it a registered charity.

There will be an Inclusive Design academic journal called, perhaps not
surprisingly, IDR (Inclusive Design Research.)  IDA-N is the monthly
newsletter.  And, we're working on several other projects including joining The
Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences and aiming for our first
conference at the 2017 Congress in Toronto, at Ryerson.

Here's a link to a very early iteration of a beta version of the CAIDR


On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 4:36 PM, david lawson <david.dyer.lawson at gmail.com>

> CAIDR book club
> Dear Inclusive Design Family:
> We look forward to launching the new CAIDR book club with you!
> The book we’ve chosen is:
> Kel Smith’s Digital Outcasts: Moving Technology Forward without Leaving
> People Behind
> Date: February 24
> Time: 7:30 pm
> Location: 205 Richmond, Collaboration Space
> Joining: Jutta’s class, Effecting cultural change
> Here is a summary of the book from the *Amazon Website*:
> " The blind person who tries to make an online purchase. The young girl
> who cannot speak due to a cognitive disability. The man confined to his
> home due to permanent injury. The single mother with a long-term illness
> who struggles to feed her family.
> With one in seven people worldwide currently living with a disability, the
> term "outcast" covers numerous scenarios. Digital outcasts rely on
> technology for everyday services that many people take for granted.
> However, poorly designed products risk alienating this important (and
> growing) population.
> Through a "grass roots" approach to innovation, digital outcasts are
> gradually taking action to transform their lives and communities. This
> emerging trend provides exciting learning opportunities for all of us.
> Citing real-world case studies from healthcare to social science, this book
> examines the emerging legal and cultural impact of inclusive design.
> Gain a better understanding of how people with disabilities use
> technology."
> Digital Outcasts: Moving Technology Forward without Leaving People Behind
> is 268 pages. There are 7 hardcover/online copies available in the TPL
> system.
> Please Sign in, either way, letting us know whether you will be attending.
> Email to:
> feriyal.hallaj at gmail.com
> david.dyer.lawson at gmail.com

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