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The article is quite ridiculous for simply trumpeting institutional discourse with a "dash of empathy". Down the road is still an institution... with rigid formats and structures (plus the "eww" factor that is so pungent in the quote).It reminded me of a ridiculous (let alone "mandatory") course I had to take in my undergrad days at OCAD where I had to learn that "pink irritates for autistic children".
>From what I briefly see in those images, the architects played extensively with textures on the floor – well, visual processing is a big issue for the autistic brain; they may very well be on the same plane, but the brain will interpret them as barriers. There are definitely more issue with the project, but I felt it begged for a slap to start with.

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> Fast Company’s summary of DaSilva Architects design for the new Center of Autism and the Developing Brain. ( http://www.fastcodesign.com/3054103/how-to-design-for-autism ). Part of their approach was to pay specific attention to the sensory sensitivities that often affect those with autism. That influenced the lighting and materials used, and resulted in the design appearing more like a small village/town rather than a typical space.
> The post end’s with the quote:
> "There's a joke that if you know one autistic person, you know one autistic person," Black says. "Each autistic person is very different: it's a whole spectrum of different conditions."
> But we might argue that this is true of everyone.
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